• Do Crumbs haunt you?

    Do Crumbs haunt you?

    How do I keep my floors crumb free? My secret is the HOOVER AIR CORDLESS 2-IN-1 DELUXE STICK & HAND VACUUM with its MAGICAL headlights, which illuminate its path and shows you every crumb you’ve been missing.  This is not your heavy duty, deep clean vacuum, but it’s my go to in the kitchen/dining area Read more

  • Cleaning the smart way

    Cleaning the smart way

    This blog is a space to share my tips and recommendations for making your home cleaning easier. and more simple – what I call the SMART way of cleaning.  When I say I love to clean….it’s true.  Cleaning is relaxing and satisfying, but my time is also precious, and I hate to waste it unnecessarily.  Read more


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