Cleaning the smart way

Cleaning the smart way

This blog is a space to share my tips and recommendations for making your home cleaning easier. and more simple – what I call the SMART way of cleaning.  When I say I love to clean….it’s true.  Cleaning is relaxing and satisfying, but my time is also precious, and I hate to waste it unnecessarily.  So I test and experiment, finding the way to clean the most EFFICIENT way.  At my cleaning company in Jacksonville, Fl, efficiency is never to the detriment of care and beauty, because I also love wonderful smells and sights, finding the “beauty” in all, and achieving harmony in the spaces that surround me.  So here I will share my findings and experiences in cleaning the SMART way, with the hope that some can give you ease. Check out this wonderful post on using essential oils in you sinks for an amazing feeling of freshness.


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