Do Crumbs haunt you?

Do Crumbs haunt you?

How do I keep my floors crumb free? My secret is the HOOVER AIR CORDLESS 2-IN-1 DELUXE STICK & HAND VACUUM with its MAGICAL headlights, which illuminate its path and shows you every crumb you’ve been missing.  This is not your heavy duty, deep clean vacuum, but it’s my go to in the kitchen/dining area and any area where food it being munched on, think cookies and chips in front of the TV.  It’s lightweight and so easy to maneuver, with a very steerable head.  Once you try it, you’re addicted because it truly shows every tiny crumb the naked eye can’t see. To boot, it is cordless and has a hand vac component.  I keep it at arms length, with its charger and right after every meal, before any food can get smudged or stepped on, I take all of 2-3 minutes to vacuum, and done! 


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