Please review this FAQ and  contact us with your specific cleaning needs. We can help you!

  • Are you Insured?

    Yes! We are fully insured so you can have peace of mind.

  • Do you have to commit to a contract?

    We do not require length based contracts. Easy!

  • Do I need to be home during the cleaning service?

    Some clients prefer to be home, while the majority choose to be out and  provide access to their home.  We will lock up when we are done per your instructions.  You will receive a text informing you when the cleaners are on their way and a second text when they are done.

  • How many cleaners per service and will they always be the same ones?

    We typically have a team of two cleaners on every job. Most times you will see the same team assigned to your home, but schedules change from time to time. Rest assured that everyone at Mint Cleaning goes through the same rigorous training and will meet your expectations.

  • Do I need to provide cleaning supplies and/or equipment?

    We bring our own cleaning products and vacuum cleaners. During our initial appointment we will discuss the cleaning products we typically use. We ask you to provide a trash bags and one roll of paper towels, as well as, any special cleaning products you want us to use.

  • How should I prepare before the Mint Cleaning team arrives?

    We ask you to pick up any toys and clothing before we arrive.  We especially do not want to affect any toy constructions or mid-finished projects you may have to leave laying out. If excess clutter is present, we do our best to clean around these areas.

  • What do you not clean?

    We like to focus on cleaning what is most important and maintain a consistent quality.  We typically do not:

    • Clean toys
    • Clean inside fireplaces
    • Pick up clutter
    • Do laundry
    • Wash dishes
    • Pet waste
    • Pet food/toys
    • Blood stains
    • Bodily fluids


  • What if something is damaged during a cleaning service?

    We aim to clean your home with great care, as if it were our own, but accidents can happen. Our cleaners will document any damage and we will immediately inform you to discuss repair, replacement or reimbursement. Our General Liability insurance policy will cover any major damages.

  • How and when do I pay?

    You may provide a credit or debit card as the payment method when you sign up with Mint Cleaning or we may invoice you the morning of your service.  There is not need to pay our cleaners directly and all payments are handled electronically or by check.  You will receive an electronic receipt after your service is completed.

  • How do I provide feedback?

    We want to be able to clean the way you want it.  After every service you will be provided an opportunity to let us know if you liked something or if you’d prefer something be cleaned differently.  We will promptly respond to your feedback and apply your requests during the following visit.

  • Other questions?

    If you have questions not covered in this FAQ please contact us here and we will be happy to answer them.  If you are ready to request a quote, you can do it here.

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