WE LOVE TO CLEAN!  We are a team of like-minded individuals that clean the right way – the smart way- and with care.  Trust and teamwork are at the core of what we do, and we leverage these to help you have the home that you deserve.  We know that there are many cleaning services out there and we strive to provide a values driven service that is superior to most.  We also believe in efficiency and integrity, and these values are built into everything we do so you can get on with your life – family, hobbies, running other important errands, knowing that your home is well taken care of.


  • TEAMWORK- We foster “community” among our team and with our customers
  • TRUST- For our clients, our employees, and our community
  • INTEGRITY – We do what we say and do it with pride
  • EFFICIENCY – We get it done the best way and the smart way
Mint Leaves

Ingrid Rivera

Founder, General Manager

Hello, I am the founder of Mint Cleaning and co-owner with my husband Alex.  I studied Business and Art in college and I have been a team leader for many years working in finance, museums, government, and web start-ups.  So why Mint Cleaning?  Because I am obsessed with what I love – my family, yoga, and my home.  I believe in surrounding myself with harmony and balance at home, that our homes should give us peace, instead of more stress from mess and soil.   I want to help you come home to a home, fresh home.

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Alex Rivera

Co-founder, Business Manager

I have managed teams for many years and I enjoy creating value, and most of all, helping teams develop to their full potential. Ingrid and I started Mint Cleaning to provide a straightforward, efficient, and affordable cleaning experience. We love helping our customers and employees find a better way to get things done and reach their goals.

In my spare time I enjoy building with wood, fixing things, swimming, space and science, and playing with our two sons.


Betty Portillo

Team Leader, Chief Cleaning Technician

I have been cleaning in the Jacksonville area for the past 5 years.  During that time, I have have done done and seen it all in hotel housekeeping and both commercial and residential work.  This experience allows me to help people solve their unique problems around the house.  I love to get to know my client’s personally and understand how to best address their needs. I pride myself in being hardworking, honest, and a genuine people’s person.

I love to cook, spending time with my sister and nephews and long walks in the beach with my two little Chihuahuas Toby and Coco.


  • That you can come to a HOME, FRESH HOME.
  • To live up to your TRUST and help you with your problems.
  • To provide smart and EFFICIENT service.
  • To operate with the highest level of INTEGRITY.

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