Fresh Scents

Fresh Scents

What is that Amazing Smell?

Is it Lavender & Bergamot?  Or Lemon & Mint?  It’s EVERSPRING, Targets latest plant based, eco-friendly line of cleaning products. Up to now, the new line includes all-purpose cleaners in 50% or more recycled bottles and sprayers, liquid dish soap, liquid hand soap, laundry detergent, and more.  A few of my favorite products are:

  • The cleaning wipes, in scents like Lemon & Mint and Citrus & Basil, clean well, do not leave a sticky residue on surfaces, SMELL wonderful, and are compostable to boot.
  • The multi-purpose cleaning spray, Lemon & Mint specifically, is another favorite.  Again, no sticky residue, cleans well, and leaves a lovely smell of REAL lemon and mint.
  • Finally, the Lavender & Bergamot liquid laundry detergent, does a great job cleaning all my clothes, including my gym clothes and my 2 boys under 8’s clothes (parents out there know this means shirt and pants used by greasy hands as napkins!).

Do some good cleaning in your home, while you do some good for the world!  Only sold at Target.

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