Your Vacuum helps you clean most everything, now give IT a clean!

Your trusted vacuum helps you clean everything but when was the last time (if ever!) that you cleaned your vacuum!  Dirt and grime buildup, filters need washing or replacing and vacuum hoses and brushes need cleaning out.  The fact that the vacuum constantly moves air around does not prevent the dirt from get stuck inside, building up, and slowing down its function.   Here are a few easy steps, that my home cleaning crew takes, that can make your vacuum look and run like new again. 

  1.  Wash the Canister:  Wash it in an empty dishwasher.  Place it in the bottom rack, with all its doors open.  It is a very long canister and it bumps with the top rack, simply remove the top rack temporarily (tip:  top rack comes out easily if you removed caps at the end of the tracks).  Place the dish-washing soap in the bottom of your dishwasher, not the dispenser.  Air dry canister completely before reinstalling.
  2. Wash or replace filers:  If the filters are the reusable, foamy type, wash in the dishwasher alongside the canister.  Wash through warm water once before placing in the dishwasher to remove excess dirt.  AFTER the dishwasher, wash and rinse again by hand with water to remove any soap residue that may remain from the dishwasher.  Let air dry completely. 
  3. Clean the hose:  Remove the hose per user manual (tip:  if lost and/or misplaced, all manuals can be found online!)   In your kitchen sink, run warm water through the house.  Then, sprinkle ½ cup baking soda into one end of the hose and shake it through.  Next, pour 2 cups of vinegar into one end of the hose and let it sit while you hear a fizzle.  Finally, rinse thoroughly with hot water.  Let air dry completely before reinstalling.
  4. Clean the vacuum brush:  You will be in shock with the amount of long hair that gets coiled around the brush.  Turn vacuum around so you can have the brush comfortable facing you.  Gently cut through hair with a scissors and remove the shorter loosed strands.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Do not rush this process.  Every part washed needs to air dry completely, any trapped water can create mold in the future. 

Ingrid & the Mint Cleaning Team


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