Why Should You Consider Professional Office Cleaning Services?

Mint Cleaning believes that a person’s environment, including their work space, is intrinsically important to their well-being.  The office space/work environment often gets neglected, when in reality, we spend a large portion of our time in it.  An orderly and clean environment promotes sense of well-being and productivity.

Mint Cleaning promotes greater productivity and fewer absentee employees with our superior office cleaning services that are based on our understanding that offices need thorough cleaning and disinfecting.  A person can contract a flu-causing virus by touching a surface that wasn’t cleaned and disinfected properly.  Kitchen counters, door handles, desks, etc. need proper cleaning to prevent the spread of infection throughout your office.   

The details also matter, especially to create an environment in which employees want to work in.  We don’t miss the coffee stains on the desk tops, the dust that accumulates on the top of cubicle dividers, the elbow moisturizer and grease finger prints left on chair arm rests.

The Cleaning Services We Offer

  • Office and lobby cleaning. Make a good first impression with a clean and orderly lobby that represents your business. We keep your office and lobbies clean by vacuuming the carpets, wiping down tables, and keeping your furniture tidy.
    • Dust all horizontal surfaces, such as files, desktops, chairs, and other furnishings
    • Spot clean partition glasses
  • Restroom cleaning. We clean restrooms from top to bottom. Our team scrubs and rinses sinks, removes built-up soap scum, disinfects toilets, and wipes down mirrors and vanities.
    • Stocking of tissues, towels, and hand soaps
    • Empty sanitary napkin receptacles and wipe with disinfectants
    • Remove splash marks from walls around basins
  • Lunch/break room cleaning. Lunchrooms and break rooms are hot spots for germs and bacteria due to the large number of people dining. We keep these rooms clean by cleaning your sinks and fridges, removing waste, wiping down your walls, and keeping your grout and tiles sparkling clean.
    • Empty trash bins
    • Mop surface floors to remove spillage from soiled areas

The schedule and frequency of our services depend on your commercial cleaning needs. Each service includes the following tasks:

  • Weekly cleaning services
    • Vacuum all carpeting
    • Dust all vertical surfaces of desks, tables, file cabinets, and other office furniture
    • Mop and buff hard surface floors
  • Monthly cleaning services
    • Complete all high dusting in hard-to-reach areas
    • Remove fingerprint marks from around door frames and light switches
    • Vacuum all upholstered furniture
    • Disinfect telephones 

Services Worth Your Time and Money

Mint Cleaning’s commercial cleaning crew understands that good cleaning isn’t just about what the customers see, it’s also about how they feel. We care about your wellbeing, and that’s why our employees are trained on the proper use of cleaning products.

Also, we adhere to the prescribed amount of time a chemical needs to be on the surface to kill germs, dwell time of cleaning products, and more.

We also conduct inspections after we provide a service. We’d rather we catch a problem before you do!

Provide a cleaner and healthier office for employees and clients alike with help from Mint Cleaning. Call us today to schedule your office cleaning service or to get a FREE quote on our services.

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